responsible tourism

We are “earthy,” we love our planet and will go the extra mile to preserve it for future generations. Our resort is located in a heritage bungalow which is surrounded by tea estates and we have spared no effort to give our guests the best and most authentic plantation experience possible. We also strive to leave a light footprint – minimize use of plastic, over-use of detergents, have good waste management practises, enhance the quality of soil, water and air and purchase everything locally. We want to keep our corner of the earth as pristine as when it first awakened to life!

Our Green Code

  • We have installed foam flow faucets to reduce water consumption
  • Degradable / bio degradable waste is segregated
  • Plastic / paper / glass / metals (cans) waste are recycled
  • All the shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles are returned to the supplier so that they can be sterilized, refilled and recycled
  • We are continuously working at minimizing noise levels at the homestay
  • Our staff is accommodated within the property.
  • Energy-efficient cfl bulbs are used on the property
  • We have planted native species of trees within the resort. These include fruits and plants that are the natural habitat of birds and amphibians
  • We have taken steps to minimize formal landscaping
  • Our efficient usage of lights in public areas minimizes disturbance to nocturnal wildlife
  • We have restored and maintained the heritage structure in which tea nest is located.
  • Restoration material was sourced locally.
  • Our kitchen and restaurant work to showcase local cuisine.
  • About 80 percent of our staff is local
  • Our resort supplements the income of local taxi drivers, doctors and families
  • We purchase our groceries and vegetables from local markets
  • The resort complies with all the labour laws of the state
  • Wherever possible, we ensure that products used at the resort are not made by child or bonded labour
  • We ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products and services