tea tour

A combination package of a visit to the green shop, a tea factory with an option to add on a tea tasting experience followed by a tea-menu lunch at tea nest annexe.

Green shop:


The shop, located in coonoor, sells organic products made by local tribes like the kurumbas. These include eucalyptus oil, ginger honey, organic spices, organic cosmetic products, wooden toys, shawls, bags etc.


The products available here are not available elsewhere and are all locally produced.

Tea factory tour


This is a quick tour of a very charming factory started by the son of the maharajah of cochin.


Embark on an interactive tour where you get to see the entire tea making process with all the detailing that goes into it.

Tea factory timings – 11 am to 11:30 am – visit the green shop before or after the factory visit.

Cost: Guests who do not have their own car/vehicle need to hire a car our executives at tea nest annexe will help you out with that.

Round off the tour with the tea tasting / tea-menu with tea pairing option at tea nest annexe

Tea tasting / tea menu lunch

Experience tea, in and out of the tea cup… at tea nest annexe

Description – This tour is all about tea and appreciating the finer nuances of the cup that cheers

Experience – This unique in-depth tea tasting session explores the myriad colours and flavours of the world’s most popular beverage. The tasting focuses on a selection of speciality teas of the nilgiris.

  • This is then followed by a 7 course tea menu lunch at tea nest annexe, the tea lunch is a unique meal created by our master chefs. Every course is flavoured with some element of tea. For example, the main course in the vegetarian tea menu is tea braised spaghettetti aglio e olio – paired with frost tea

Duration – 2 hours

Cost – Tea menu lunch Rs. 728 (including taxes) per person.

Tea menu Dinner Rs. 728 (including taxes) per person.

Tea tasting Rs. 280 (including taxes) per person.

combo tour (including green shop, tea factory, tea tasting and tea-menu lunch)

Time Depart from the tea nest annexe at 10:00am

Green shop 10:30 am to 11:00am

Tea factory 11:00 am to 11:30 am

Tea tasting at tea nest annexe 11:45 am to 12:15 pm

Tea menu at tea nest annexe 12.30 pm to 01.30 pm

Total cost per person Rs. 1,008

Guests who do not have their own car/vehicle need to hire a car. Our executive at tea nest annexe will make the necessary arrangements (Rs 850 non a/c – 4 to a car)