responsible tourism

We are “earthy,” we love our planet and will go the extra mile to preserve it for future generations. Our resort is built to emerge in an organic way from the earth (it is located in a former spice plantation) much like the dwellings of the eco-friendly kurumbas, one of the five ancient tribes of the nilgiris. In our interiors too we have used local fabrics and tribal motifs to try and give our guests the best and most authentic experience possible. We also strive to leave a light footprint – minimize use of plastic, over-use of detergents, have good waste management practises, enhance the quality of soil, water and air and purchase everything locally. We want to keep our corner of the earth as pristine as when it first awakened to life!

our green code:

We have installed a sewage treatment plant

  • The treated waste water is used in the spice plantation
  • Degradable / bio degradable waste is segregated
  • Plastic / paper / glass / metals (cans) waste are recycled
  • All the shampoo, conditioner, lotion bottles are returned to the supplier so that they can be sterilized, refilled and recycled, in some cottages we use hand made pots to reduce the plastic used in the bottling of these products
  • We have installed acoustic enclosures for our kitchen exhausts
  • We are continuously working at minimizing noise levels at the resort
  • Vehicular movement has been minimized within the resort premises
  • Pooled transfers provided for staff living in town
  • The majority of our staff is accommodated within the property
  • Energy-efficient cfl bulbs are used on the property
  • Electronic key tags minimize wastage of electricity
  • We encourage the use of bags made of cloth and newspaper
  • Our cottages have been constructed so as not to disturb the serenity of nature.
  • Fertilizers used in our plantations are organic. Hence the spices and fruits are organic
  • We have planted more than 3,000 native species of trees within the resort. These include fruits and plants that are a natural habitat for birds and amphibians
  • Usage of lights optimized to minimize disturbance to nocturnal wildlife
  • Cultural programmes are organized in the resort to showcase and preserve local traditions and culture
  • These shows feature locals which provides them with supplementary income
  • We encourage local youth to learn their traditional art forms by way of dance and music.
  • Activities like plantation tours and guided forest walks encourage our guests to appreciate local culture and nature.
  • The theme of the resort showcases local architecture. Material used in the construction of the resort has been sourced locally
  • Our meals showcase local cuisine
  • About 90% of our staff is local
  • Our resort supplements the income of local taxi drivers, doctors and families
  • We purchase our groceries and vegetables from local markets
  • The resort complies with all the labour laws of the state
  • Wherever possible, we ensure that products used at the resort are not made by child or bonded labour
  • We ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products and services