Baymaas Lakehouse is a living memory that celebrates our mother and her joie de vivre that has always been an inspiration for all of us.

The moniker ‘Baymaa’ has an interesting anecdote behind it. Christened Annie at birth she was considered the baby of the house. Soon, a derivative of ‘baby’ and ‘amma’ started to emerge, thanks to her siblings. And thus the name ‘Baymaa’ was born.

Baymaa had an intense connection with the house. She was also admired for her larger than life personality and exuberance. Most days the fisher folk would pass by and share their fresh catch with her, which she would cook with passion and love. They affectionately called her ‘Ammachi.’ Even today they reminisce of Baymaa and her delightful presence.


The Best Lake House & Backwater Resort In Kochi

Nestled in the hamlet of Panangad, away from the hustle-bustle of Kochi city (in Kerala), Baymaas Lake House truly delivers what a summer vacation prompts for.

Facing the backwaters, the property leans towards an architectural style that is contemporary in design while retaining a distinct local flavor.

An exclusive getaway that offers a home away from home experience by seamlessly blending comfort with luxury and immaculate hospitality.

Surrounded with serene backwaters, Baymaas Lake House is indeed the best getaway one could ever ask for. The main block features two incredible private pool villas, each facing the backwaters and swimming pool.

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The Ideal Place For A Family Getaway in Kochi

Walk bare feet on the dewed grass and spend a languid vacation with your loved ones at Baymaas Resorts, a resplendent family getaway in Kochi built for your comfort, and to fine tune your ability to do absolutely nothing.

Yes, nothing at all – except enjoy a cruise on the traditional kettuvallam (country boat), maybe witness the in-depth architecture or just read your favorite under the dense canopy.

You can also engage in some water therapy at the two majestic pools and feel your worries melt away as you soak up the nature’s bounty surrounding you. The luxurious getaway offers you the vivid experience of exploring your surroundings as well as yourself.

Bring out the poet in you as you walk through the paddy fields or challenge the hidden adventurer by engaging in kayaking, sailing and paragliding. There is something for everyone here.

So, put your feet up, tune out the hassle, take in the sight, smell & sound of true-blue Kerala culture and invest in some true soul searching, as time passes deliciously slowly at Baymaas Resorts.

Tucked away in the interiors of Kochi City, surrounded by backwaters and dense foliage, Baymaas Lake house offers the perfect environment to catch up on one’s down time.


February – May 30 Deg C 36 Deg C Light Cotton
June – September 26 Deg C 32 Deg C Light Cotton & Rain wear
October – January 22 Deg C 30 Deg C Light Cotton


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Kumarakom 62 kms 2 hours
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